How do I become a part of the Blues Lounge: By Buddy’s Dad Pete

Well here we are and by now you should have heard the news that Catster is staying with us. That said we do not know what this new Catster is going to look like. It may be the same it may not. Thankfully many who were rushing to save their pages now have more time, possibly. I say possibly as they have not come out with a definitive statement of intent I suggest you keep right on saving everything you do not want to loose. There are also a lot of cats and furmalies that have signed up at Cathugger, Pets4Pals, ShowMeCats, Furry Friendsm, and others so why join here. The answer is that there are still issues.

  • We have no control over Catster. It may not be wh
  • at we remember and love.
  • We have no control over these other sites. They could close or do whatever.
  • We are scattered. Some here, some there, all over everywhere.
  • I have not really enjoyed these other sites, have you?

Now I do not promise that this will replace Catster, but, it can be a meeting place. Buddy just had a birthday. It was a great success. We were a bit sad that more Catster pals did not come but it may have been that they simply did not know which is my fault as I should have sent an email. Check it out as you will see it is just like we have in our diaries.  Buddy’s B-Day. Not bad is if I say so myself. Now what can you gain by becoming an Author at the Blues Lounge:

  • A home: Your posts are yours! Just like having a profile on Catster.
  • A community: A place to come and be with our friends in a safe and caring place
  • A Information Hub: We need the News of  who needs purrs who has an important day and more!
  • A home we can remodel: Do we paint or put up siding, windows of vinyl or aluminum, we decide.

Of course you can just stop by to visit and look at the various pages and posts. If you do please comment. It is the LIFE of a blog to have comments. It also will help to show what is enjoyed as is, needs adjustment, or should never appear again. It is like driving on a Sunday friends. The discussion helps to decide on where to go and do next in a fun way. So if I have purrsuaded you below is the info to Comment and Author. Lets build the Blues Lounge into a fun place fur all of us one brick at a time.

To Comment on a post or page

  • Do Nothing except Comment
  • On the bottom of posts click the  link that says “Comment” or “10 Comments” if there are some already
  • You will need to post your email. NO ONE SEES THIS except **Administrators.
  • You will need to put in your name.
  • Done!

You will see you comment and it will have a funny icon next to it which is a Gravatar. That is a Globally Recognized Avatar. If you want click “Comment” below and see that this ID does not have a Gravatar while  Timmy Does.
**Having to put in a eMail is important to prevent SPAM and the like. You can block a user or fake user. Also you can moderate in private if someone is commenting inappropriately. Now to the fun part

Setting up a Author Account on the Blues Lounge.

Having an Author Account allows you to do posts like Buddy’s Birthday or whatever you wish.  It is just a word processor so if you have done diary entries on Catster you can do a post. Easy. Now here is how:

  • Put a comment below that you would like to be an Author on the Blues Lounge
  • Make sure to use a name that Buddy or one of our family knows.
  • I will send you an Invitation that says ” Buddy Budd invited you to become an author on Blues Lounge”
  • Set up a WordPress *Account. (Write down your username and password)
  • Check your eMail. There will be a “Howdy username” with a button to ***Activate your WordPress Account
  • Check your eMail as you will get a confirmation from WordPress
  • Go back to your eMail Invitation from Buddy and click “Accept Invitation”
  • Check your eMail for the confirmation “You have been added to Blues Lounge”
  • Go to the Blues Lounge, that confirmation has the blog link right there!
  • Done!

***FYI: When I set up this ID I had to reset the password. Don’t know why as I wrote it down but I did. The program is a bit testy about using strong passwords so that may have been the issue. If you have a problem check the steps and password.

DONE: If you go right to the Lounge you may be logged in. You will know as across the top of your browser will be a bar with the WordPress logo on the left. Next to the logo is a little world with Blues Lounge. Hover over this and Dashboard will take you to where you can manage things for YOUR POST ONLY! Sorry! Since you are not an Admin you cannot do anything with the page or other Cats Posts.

I really do hope we have a good turn out. Remember this is to keep in touch with our dear furends. There was the Last Valentines Dance Party in the Catstertown group last night. We were all tails in the air happy as we had the news.  It was SO MUCH FUN! But, what if? What if? What if? That Pawty could have been here just as easily!

I found Catster at a very difficult time in my life. Awful in fact. The friendships and fun got me through this difficult time. I still have very tough times but, I have you all! How amazing that is I cannot even say!

Hope to see you visiting and maybe posting!
Dad Pete 

Hey Furends Thanky Thanks

The Buddy Budd wood liker to thanky thanks all mah furends who gave me 20 commenters here on mah bloggie. Dats a big 20 half green papers that Dad will donate to Tabby’s Place. Ah suggest yoo run over an visit to say hello to them kittahs!

Now on wit da Funz! We Blues went ta Bali. Whut a fun time it waz too. Ah invite mah blue furens to comment if dey want to post here at the New Blues Lounge! Ah can set ya up no problemo! Yessir Yep Yep!

RBL Bali


Now Ah have sadness to report. Timmy’s good pal from da Cat Scouts, which you should think about joining, ran over da Rainbow Bridge from that nasty Cancer Lymphoma.


He waz only 3 years old and to help others he has a page to support research into this badness. Pleaze think of donating to Support the fight against Feline LeukemiaThanky

Now ah is gittin a bit windy here so ah am wrapper it up with some FUN! Timmy an Da beauteous Nibbler of Catster Fame will be dating and lookin gud at Madi’s Queen of Hearts Dance on Valentiner day! You shud go today ta look at all da fun to see on da blogo-sphere thingie.

Make sure ya come to our famlee bloggie tooz Tomcat Commentary by Tim.  Ah thinker that be it till da nex timer

Member to Luff Yer Furends jus lak
Big Buddy Budd


Happy 13th Birthday Buddy

Buddy is startin this bloggie sadder. Da Dad musta furgetted mah…

Dad: No Buddy I did not fur… forget. What do you think that Big Box of Fancy Feast is for. It is for you my Big Blue Buddy… err, I mean Buddy as in pal not as in Buddy your name and, um, I better quit while I am ahead. 

Got it. Thanky thanks there Dad! Now whut in da…

*Timmy and the Fur Family Rush in and Sing*

“Happy Birfdayz to Buddy Budd!
Happy Birfdayz to Buddy Budd!
Cause he is our Big Blue Buddy !
Happy Birfdayz to Buddy Budd!”

*Timmy takes the floor*

Furends, Roamin Kittahs, those with Curly Ears, lets get Buddy’s Partay Started!
This is from his pals at Catster

Buddy Budd BDay Tundra,Manytoes, Tundra, Rory, & Lynzee

What a fine gift! OK the Grub line is over here.

Start with some herb to bump the appetite and then grab a plate

Some Nip will get you mellow and build an appetite

Some Nip will get you mellow and build an appetite

Have some fresh sliced turkey

Have some fresh sliced turkey

Some nice flank steak

Some nice flank steak

Tuna-Cakes are tasty

Tuna-Cakes are tasty

This is a burgers burger

This is a burgers burger

Evfurry kitty likes Chick-Hen

Evfurry kitty likes Chick-Hen

Once you have a plate of noms grab a drink or five

A Blue Tahiti cooler

A Blue Tahiti cooler

Evfurry kittah loves a Nip-Tini with crushed nip on the rim

Evfurry kittah loves a Nip-Tini with crushed nip on the rim

Our own Furmaly Brand  Cat-Weiser the king of Kittah Beers

Our own Furmaly Brand
Cat-Weiser the king of Kittah Beers

The Music is in the other room. 

We have Rockat and his band playing your favorites

We have Rockat and his band playing your favorites

Hizzy-Kizzy will be providing some head banger for the kittens (Requested by Einstien)

Hizzy-Kizzy will be providing some head banger for the kittens (Requested by Einstien)

Have fun furends!
Buddy we love you.  Have a very special time!

*Buddy looks embarrassed and shuffles his paws*

Aw shuckers… Ah loverz mah furmaly an furenz too!

Hey Blues What do I Do or How do I get in with the Louge

Hi furends:

So you would like to be a part of the Lounge, lets get going then.

Comments: If you just want to post a comment you do not need to do anything. Just post. I have comment moderation turned off for the time being and we will see how it goes. If there are problems with spam I may have to turn it back on but we will cross that bridge we need to.

Posting at the Lounge: If you would like to post things and really get in on the fun then you will need to get a WordPress ID. The link is below. Once you have your ID you need to ask me to give you posting privileges in a comment (Make sure you tell me who you were on Catster.) Use the same email for your comment post as you use to set up your WordPress ID. I suggest using gMail if you want to set up a new account.

I will set your access up as soon as possible. You will have Author privileges. This means you can post, add pictures, and come back and edit what you have posted. You will not be able to change the look of the blog or edit any other posts. If you have suggestions please let me know. To log in go to the Meta section that is on the left at the bottom and choose log in. There you go!

Lets have as much fun as any bunch of cats can have!

Your Buddy
Buddy Budd