Hey Frenz

Ah real sorree fur not being roun as ah wanna be. Gotta git mah alarmz set an stuffs so we can meet an hav funz. Now truth be toldz me an Toberz been gittin on purrty gud, gud, gud! Cept when he try ta be layin in my rounder cushin on da table an I givin him a little nip on da bee-hind MOL. He knows ah doant mean no harm so he jus getz ta goin.
So ah promise to be here onct a weekz K. Ah meanin it. You juz watchin.
Yer Buddy
Buddy Budd


Hi Kali. Does ah lookin gud, gud, gud er whut! Purrs Sweetee

4 thoughts on “Hey Frenz

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaw Buddy, you do look good. We hope to see ya’ here once a week. Well, least ifin da storms let us come by. MOL But they can’t last furever, right? Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  2. Buddy me man,,,you are hot stuffs…wow…my Buddy meter is dinging away like crazy. I shall put your Picture in our widgets for a quick peek when I feel down.

    I could eat you up but I don’t like furs stuck on me nose. MOL

    Kissy, kissy.

    Kali Kit

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