Toberz needz a lessonz


Da other dayz dat stoopid stoopid Toberz had da audi-city ta lazer Buddy Budd


Den he gitz da nerves to hollarz at me


So ah givim a gentle talkin tooz. MOL

Sum catz ah tellin ya. Ah bein postin da whole exerchange in a coupla dayz er few so keep lookin herez and at my brofur Timmerz bloggie

Thanky ta all mah frenz who come by ta visit mah firstest poster in a year. Ah give ya all a big Buddy Budd Hugz. Shout out to mah gal Kalli from Canadian Cats

Yer Big Buddy
Buddy Budd

9 thoughts on “Toberz needz a lessonz

  1. Hi my Buddy Bud…*bats eyelashes * I have never been to your lounge before. This is a nice place with so many wonderful musicians. Do you play an instrument Buddy? I think you play the guitar but I’m unsure. You rock my man. I must come back here more often.

    Kitty Kisses,


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