Hey Furends Thanky Thanks

The Buddy Budd wood liker to thanky thanks all mah furends who gave me 20 commenters here on mah bloggie. Dats a big 20 half green papers that Dad will donate to Tabby’s Place. Ah suggest yoo run over an visit to say hello to them kittahs!

Now on wit da Funz! We Blues went ta Bali. Whut a fun time it waz too. Ah invite mah blue furens to comment if dey want to post here at the New Blues Lounge! Ah can set ya up no problemo! Yessir Yep Yep!

RBL Bali


Now Ah have sadness to report. Timmy’s good pal from da Cat Scouts, which you should think about joining, ran over da Rainbow Bridge from that nasty Cancer Lymphoma.


He waz only 3 years old and to help others he has a page to support research into this badness. Pleaze think of donating to Support the fight against Feline LeukemiaThanky

Now ah is gittin a bit windy here so ah am wrapper it up with some FUN! Timmy an Da beauteous Nibbler of Catster Fame will be dating and lookin gud at Madi’s Queen of Hearts Dance on Valentiner day! You shud go today ta look at all da fun to see on da blogo-sphere thingie.

Make sure ya come to our famlee bloggie tooz Tomcat Commentary by Tim.  Ah thinker that be it till da nex timer

Member to Luff Yer Furends jus lak
Big Buddy Budd


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