Hey Blues What do I Do or How do I get in with the Louge

Hi furends:

So you would like to be a part of the Lounge, lets get going then.

Comments: If you just want to post a comment you do not need to do anything. Just post. I have comment moderation turned off for the time being and we will see how it goes. If there are problems with spam I may have to turn it back on but we will cross that bridge we need to.

Posting at the Lounge: If you would like to post things and really get in on the fun then you will need to get a WordPress ID. The link is below. Once you have your ID you need to ask me to give you posting privileges in a comment (Make sure you tell me who you were on Catster.) Use the same email for your comment post as you use to set up your WordPress ID. I suggest using gMail if you want to set up a new account.

I will set your access up as soon as possible. You will have Author privileges. This means you can post, add pictures, and come back and edit what you have posted. You will not be able to change the look of the blog or edit any other posts. If you have suggestions please let me know. To log in go to the Meta section that is on the left at the bottom and choose log in. There you go!

Lets have as much fun as any bunch of cats can have!

Your Buddy
Buddy Budd


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